About Us

We are a digital agency that believes that meaningful website design and management will change the impact our digital life has on our planet and ourselves

Our Mission

As a website design and marketing agency, we always aim to conduct our business in an environmentally and socially responsible way that benefits our planet and our customers.

We are constantly working towards lowering Nivo’s and our customers' digital carbon footprint and applying and promoting ethical digital marketing practices.

Meet Our Team

Hi, I’m Ella, the Head of Web & UX here at Nivo. I specialise in user experience design and complex technical websites. I love having board game nights with friends and cooking & baking delicious goodies.

Ella C

Head Of Web & UX

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Hi, I’m Sadie, a Website Design Manager here at Nivo. I specialise in all things creative, technical, hosting and anything in between! In my spare time, I play netball, listen to a lot of cheesy music and love festivals.

Sadie O

Web Manager

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Hi, I’m Daisy. I’m a Graphic Designer at Nivo, delivering visual concepts for both web and social. In my spare time I love designing and making clothes, rugs and doing anything creative.

Daisy A-P

Graphic Designer

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Hi, I'm Meghan. I'm the head of SEO at Nivo, specialising in data analytics and content strategy. In my spare time, I love going to my local sports centre for my weekly contemporary dancing class.

Meghan G

Head Of SEO

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Hi, I'm Martha. I'm an Account Manager at Nivo, specialising in SEO and Social Media. I spend my spare time seeing live music in Bristol and love attending festivals in the summer!

Martha D

Account Manager

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Hi, I’m Rida. I’m a marketing executive at Nivo. I work on all things SEO, specialising in blog writing. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, watching films or being with friends!

Rida A

Marketing Executive

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Hi, I'm Livia. I'm the sustainability consultant at Nivo. I specialise in helping businesses grow through green initiatives. In my spare time, I am a devoted mother of 3 wild boys.

Livia H

Sustainability Advisor

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Hi, I'm Colin, the founder of Nivo. I started the company to help business owners navigate their way through growth. When I am not working I play golf and hit the ski slopes as often as possible.

Our Story

Nivo Digital was founded in 2017 by Colin Harrison to help businesses to thrive online. Over the next couple of years, Nivo’s team grew slowly, and today, it is around 9 enthusiastic individuals that form part of our team.

We all have passions that move us forward - and about a year ago, we realised that our shared passion is our community and our planet. It was about the same time we also became aware of the wider impact of our digital work on the climate. We quickly decided to make changes and drive changes in the digital world for it to be kinder to the people and the planet.

Equipped with knowledgeable individuals wanting to make a difference, we defined meaningful changes to digital practices that can lower the energy use and energy waste of the web. In 2022 we are launching Green Nivo as a statement of our new existence. Using our knowledge base and creative force built up over the years, we are here to help shift the digital industry towards a low-carbon and ethical presence.