Designing Low Carbon Websites in WordPress

Because There Is No Planet B

The excitement of COP26 is still in the air, and we all witnessed the UK taking a leading role against global warming with its net zero target by 2050.  

Carbon emission is becoming everyone’s concern. Having a net zero website is a powerful way to show that you are a responsible business. It is your chance to convince your customers that with you, they too are making a responsible choice.

Low Carbon Website Design

When making a low carbon website we rethink design, user experience, and web development as a whole. We build on WordPress – a CMS that is versatile and adaptable. The result is a light but high impact website that uses less energy to function. We create it with care to put you on the map, along with other pioneering businesses who lead the way to change.

Green Website Hosting

Websites are energy intensive, with a server working behind every webpage all day, every day.

Picking the right green host for your  business can be confusing and risky. There is a lot to consider, from the source of energy they use to reliability and the services they provide, such as caching, CDN or static pages. 

Our in-depth shortlisting process can find those hosts with credible green claims and services that fit all the needs of your website. A host that runs on renewables with the right settings, will get you far on your low-emission journey.

Erase Your Carbon Presence by Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is often seen as a cover-up for carbon emission, facing away from the responsibility of making a real change.  

Currently no web technology is truly zero carbon. When the carbon emission of your website has been minimised to as little as possible, offsetting the remaining carbon is the final good deed to be done for our planet. And the only way for a net zero website!

Our selected few schemes are there to make a meaningful change to the climate, and the habitats as well. Pick your choice!

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How Polluting Is The Web?

The whole internet ‘uses more electricity than the whole of the United Kingdom’. (Kinsta)

‘If the internet was a country, it would be the sixth worst polluter in the world’. (Kinsta)

The average web page is nearly ‘four times the size that it was in 2010 and is continuing to rise’.(Kinsta)

‘The internet could grow to account for 3.5% of global carbon emissions within the next 10 years’. (Kinsta)

Want to learn more about how much carbon just one page of your website produces?

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Website Design FAQ's

No, we can communicate with you via phone calls or emails. However, if you want to meet up in person to chat about your website we would love to meet you.

There is no fixed cost for a website as every site we design is different.

A website project can normally be completed in two months but this can vary due to the size of the website.

Web hosting is a service that allows businesses and brands to publish a website on the internet. if you haven’t organised a hosting service for your website, we can help.

We can use your branding to create a website that looks like your business. Logos, colours, images – we will use anything you can provide us to create the visual look of your website.

Yes, WordPress is very easy to use. However if you need our help we’ll show you what to do.

Yes we can, we have professional copy writers in our team. However, if you want someone to write the content for your website we can work in partnership with them.

Absolutely. We already help several of our clients with maintaining their websites. However, this service comes at an additional cost to the initial cost of the website build project.

You will own 100% of your website, the code will be yours to do what you want with and will be hosted on your own server.

We are more than happy to install SSL certificate on your websites and we ensure that we use strong logins.