Becoming A Greener Digital Marketing Agency

We've became aware of the internet’s ever-growing carbon emission

Our Sustainability Pledge

We pledge to operate sustainably and to offer sustainable services to our clients. For us, this means becoming carbon-negative and continuing to be ethical, while promoting the same to our clients.

Keep reading to hear what this means in more detail.

  • Becoming carbon-negative, and offering low-carbon services

    This part of our pledge has four main steps: at first, we will minimise our digital carbon footprint by redesigning our website and opting for a green host. Then we will offset any of our remaining digital carbon emissions to reach net-zero, followed by offsetting our historical emissions to become carbon-negative. Finally, we will develop low-carbon services for our clients to help them minimise their digital carbon footprint too.

    Our principles are set in our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, which is requested to be signed and followed by all team members.

  • Continue operating an ethical, moral and fair business and practising ethical digital marketing and website design

    We are already running an ethical, moral and fair business, and will continue to do so complying with all laws and regulations and putting our employees first. We also comply to all applicable laws and regulations in how we manage our clients, their privacy, and their internet and marketing accounts, applying ethical approaches to marketing.

    Our principles are set in our Ethics Policy, which is requested to be signed and followed by all team members.

  • Becoming a certified B-Corp company

    We are excited about the green challenges we set ourselves in our sustainability pledge. It seemed to be a good time to open up for even more changes.

    We pledge to become a certified B-Corp Company. With that, we aim to become a more transparent business, improve the ways we look after our employees, help make our community a better place, and actively try to preserve the environment.

    We have made a start with our B-Corp assessment, and already set short and long-term plans for improvement.