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Get a Marketing and Conversion Focused Website Design

Speak to any graphic designer or web developer and they wince when you ask them if they can do it any cheaper.


This in itself is the problem with website design and development, “there is no way to do it affordably” or that’s what the graphic designers you have been speaking to have told you.


Businesses are starting up every day and most of them in the early start-up stage are very conscious of where their money is being spent. Many cannot afford to spend thousands of pounds and be in development for several months.


We at Nivo believe you shouldn’t either.


We have put together a few packages which are suited to exactly what you need, whether you’re a new startup or a 50-year-old business looking for a refresh. We have something that can suit your business and won’t break the bank.


So you’re probably asking yourself ‘if I’m not going to be paying thousands for a website, how much am I going to be paying?’ We knew you’d ask, all you need to do is simply contact us to get started to get your own website quote now.


After we’ve quoted you a price, your next question I bet is, ‘how are we able to offer such a competitive and affordable rate…?’ It’s simple – WordPress.


We build all our websites on WordPress and 99.99% of the time you should too. Let’s dive into why using WordPress is not only the best decision for you but the best decision for your business.

Affordable Website Design

A Few Of Our Marketing Focused Website Design Clients

We Make Websites Simple For You


30% of websites on the internet use WordPress. That means 3/10 websites you browse on a day to day website use WordPress. The reason why? It’s simple to use.


WordPress is the equivalent of Microsoft Word. Just with a few more features and the ability to drag and drop content, images, videos exactly where you want them to appear on your website.


Take a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to add a new post.

This makes it a perfect platform for you to make changes to your website yourself. We believe you should be able to make any changes you want to your website and not be at the mercy of the designers who built it.


You don’t need to know how to code either when using WordPress you probably won’t even come across any code(unless you look hard enough). It’s so simple that no matter how hard you try not too, you can learn how to use it in a few hours.

WordPress has Every Feature You Need


Out of the box, WordPress is very minimalistic it does exactly what it says it can and it does it well. Now you’re probably wondering “what if WordPress can’t do this”.


We would guarantee that whatever “this” is, someone has created it for WordPress. With so many people using WordPress, professional developers have filled a market by creating “Plugins” that add extra functionality to WordPress. Many of these plugins are free and some are paid, but whatever feature you would like to be added to WordPress, we can almost guarantee that someone has already made it.

Our Design & Build Process

Phase 1: Understanding Your Requirements

After receiving your enquiry from the calculator above, we will look at your existing website (if you have one) as well as your industry, colours, features and any other details you shared with us and come up with a few possible templates that would fit your design and business model.

We send these off to you and you choose the best one.

Phase 2: Development

During this stage we make the template fit your business. Adding images, logos, text and content to make it yours.

Phase 3: Tweaks & Setup

At this stage, we setup email addresses, hosting, do SEO optimisation, configure analytics.

Phase 5: Testing & Going Live

In our testing phase, we make sure that your site performs well on all difference devices and screen sizes. We also test to make sure analytics, emails and your site is loading correctly.

After testing we transfer your completed site to your hosting and make it live.

Bespoke WordPress Web Design


When starting a business, we understand the importance of good branding and much of that comes down to how your website looks. One of the connotations that you might have about WordPress is that its ugly, it doesn’t look as good as a professionally designed website.


This is where we aim to fill this gap. We use premium WordPress templates that are specific to your individual niche and alter them based on your colours your branding and any images you may currently have. Not only are they bespoke, professional and perfectly optimised but they are very affordable.

Bespoke Wordpress Design Templates

What are WordPress Templates?


WordPress templates are professionally designed and coded graphic interfaces that change the look and feel of your WordPress site. They are highly customisable, well optimised and professional.


We use WordPress templates for your websites because not only are they affordable for you they have a lot of features built into the templates ready made for your niche. Whatever industry you are in we are able to adapt and design a WordPress template that suits ideas and colour schemes. Many of the templates we use have a huge range of features that you can make use of as your business and ideas grow.


Furthermore, all the templates we use come with lifetime updates, so you can always be rest assured that someone is actively developing and looking after the template that you are using.

Do I need to pay for WordPress?


One of the best things about WordPress is that it is completely free forever. There are no hidden costs. If you have used our affordable WordPress design cost calculator above and been given a quote that is exactly how much you pay. You don’t pay anything else.


Hopefully, you realise now, how powerful WordPress is and how its perfectly right for your business.

Affordable Web Design For Your Business


By now you have probably made up your mind on whether our services are right for you. If you are still unsure, let us answer some of your questions.

Business Website Design

Will I actually own the website & its code or am I just renting the use of it?

You will own 100% of your website, the code will be yours to do what you want with and will be hosted on your own server.


Will someone design this with my business model in mind, or just drop an ill-fitting template in place?

As part of our internal design process, we take a look at your whole business model before recommending a template to use. Additionally, we offer a choice of a few templates to you, to make sure you know exactly what your site will look like when done.



Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, all our websites are optimised for mobile devices. We make sure your website works on every device before sending the final version over.


Will my website be secure?

We are more than happy to install SSL certificate on your websites and we ensure that we use strong logins.



Will my website rank well on search engines?

One of the additional features we offer is full on page search engine optimisation.


Will my clients be able to tell it’s an affordable website?

Not at all, and they’ll be kicking themselves when they realised they paid 5x the price

Let’s Talk Website Design!