Technical SEO

SEO isn’t just about including keywords in your content. There’s a whole lot of on-page and technical work to do if you want your website to be fully optimised.

Do you know the difference between h1 and h2, and where and how to use them? Do you know what a spider is and why it matters? We do. We’re experts in technical SEO.

What is technical SEO?

Onsite errors

We crawl your website to check that it's all functioning as it should be, and highlight any areas that need attention.

Url Structure

We check your site structure and url conventions to make sure they meet SEO best practice - and fix them if they don't.


We'll check up on your xml sitemap to make sure you're being displayed correctly in search results.


We'll make sure you don't have any redirect issues causing damage to your rankings, and suggest appropriate redirects for old or duplicate content.


We review your html to make sure everything on your site is correctly coded - from headers to alt text and image tags.


We'll check up on how quickly your site loads - people wait seconds, at most, for a page to load - and recommend changes to improve.

Need a full SEO strategy?

Technical SEO is only one part of an effective approach to SEO. We can help with a complete strategy, covering everything you need to improve your traffic.




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