Data Analysis

How can you improve if you don’t know what’s working? Without data analysis, your SEO strategy is stuck at the gate.  Without reviewing your data, tweaking and iterating, and learning, you can’t build on successes. Or drop the things that aren’t working.

We constantly analyse what we’re doing to make sure it’s having an impact.

What do we analyse?


We keep a close eye on website traffic - that's one of the main things we're trying to increase, after all. When we make a change elsewhere, we always look back at the effect it has here.


It's not how many people visit your site that matters most - it's how many of them convert (get in touch, purchase something, etc).

Bounce rate

If you get a lot of visitors, but they all leave your site straight away, you know that you're not getting the right visitors.

Website Stats

We check up on statistics about your website, like its search rankings for your target keywords. The whole point of SEO is to increase those rankings, so we keep a very close watch over them.

Social Media

We review your social engagement - are people liking, commenting and sharing your social media posts?

Traffic Sources

Where do your website visitors come from? How do they get to your site, and where should you focus your attention?

What do you do with the analysis?


We use data to tell us that what we’re doing is having the impact we want it to. Content creation is increasing how many keywords we’re targeting, technical SEO is improving search engine rankings, guest posting is improving backlink profiles, and so on…


With any SEO strategy, there are tactics that work best for you and ones that are less effective. Once you find the ones that work best, you focus your time on those.


If your conversion rate is low, we look at Conversion Rate Optimisation. If your traffic is low, we look at improving your rankings for target keywords. If your domain authority is low, we look at opportunities for link building… Whatever we see in the stats, we come up with a strategy to improve it.

What tools do you use?


  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console/Webmaster Tools
  • AHrefs
  • SEMrush
  • HubSpot
  • Brightlocal
  • Adwords
  • Social Media stats
  • …and plenty more

Need an SEO strategy to start with?

Data analysis helps refine your strategy, but if you don’t have one in place yet, we can help.




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