Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to increase a website’s visibility in a search engine results page. If SEO for a website is improved and maintained regularly, content on web pages has a better chance of being shown higher in the search engines results when a user searches. SEO can help your website to attract greater quantities of traffic and a better quality of customer.

An important aspect of SEO is about ensuring a website provides useful information that online users are looking for. This often includes information that solves users problems, details ‘how to’ processes or answers specific questions on related topics.

How does SEO work?

When a query is submitted to a search engine, that engine searches, finds and serves the most relevant and helpful web page to answer the query. Web pages are ranked in the search engine results pages based on a number of ranking signals. The engine uses the ranking signals to decide how good the page is at answering the query.

There are currently over 200 ranking signals that search engines use to rank web pages. Good SEO takes into consideration all of the ranking factors and uses them to make changes on a webpage. The changes will help the page to fulfil the search engines criteria for helpful content.

Effective SEO services at Nivo Digital

In over 10 years as SEO freelancers and marketing professionals, we have helped clients “get ranked” on search engines such as Google, Bing and Youtube. During this time we have faced many challenges, algorithm updates, and changes to industry best practice. Keeping up with all of these things is what we specialise in.

From local builders to UK gadgets and international holidays, there is no “one size fits all” SEO process. We create tailored SEO strategies for every client we work with.

We’re proud to offer quality SEO services for any business looking for more visibility in Google, Bing or Youtube search results pages.

SEO Services We Provide


Effective market research into customers and competitors will allow you to focus your efforts in the right place in the best way.


Whether considering an SEO strategy for a new or existing business, a full audit and plan are essential for short to long-term success.


Ensuring your website is set up for SEO success is of paramount importance. Make sure it’s super fast and working effectively for the visitor (and search engines) first.


Don’t waste time creating average content. Create content that makes a difference to your target market and your website will flourish.


Make sure your content gets seen, with amplification and PR activities designed to increase its reach well beyond your website.


Critical for success is the continual learning process. You need to find out what is working and what isn’t. Actionable insights through data collection can be fed back into your strategy.

Expert SEO support: Why Nivo

Staying up to date with SEO best practice can be time consuming for businesses. Because of this, SEO work is often ignored. This leads to a lack of understanding in what it takes to rank highly in search engines.

Delivering the best SEO services for our clients means that we strive to keep our SEO knowledge fresh. Our commitment to continually learning and adapting as Google and Bing change is essential for your success.

When a client first speaks to us about SEO, we usually hear two statements:

“It’s a waste of time” OR
“I want to rank number one for this keyword”.

We think both of these statements are a sign that SEO may be misunderstood by that person. Keep reading to find out why.

Is SEO still relevant in 2020?

SEO is still hugely important for businesses who want to be found in organic spaces online. No matter which channels a website or a piece of content is promoted through, whether social media, PPC or direct (email etc), the customer journey in most industries is similar. A typical customer journey looks like this:

  • Initial search
  • See a paid advert (social, remarketing etc)
  • Visit a brand website
  • Leave to check out other adverts/businesses
  • Shortlist relevant results

Customers then carry out second-stage research to find out more about the brand. This usually happens in search engines by looking for reviews and indicators of trust, such as testimonials and how visible the brand is in popular places online. If a business doesn’t have a considerable organic presence, they lose the customer at this stage.

This is why so many businesses choose to hire an SEO agency or company to support them. Learn about Nivo Digital now

Are keywords still important for SEO??

If you want to make the most of free website traffic that search engines offer then you need to understand that onsite SEO is not just about including keywords on your website anymore. They are still important but keyword optimisation (historically known as keyword ‘stuffing’) is not a defining ranking factor.

Your online content should be focussed on satisfying your customer’s needs. This, in marketing terms, has never changed.

How does a business get more traffic to its website from search engines? By providing a better service than your competitors. Offer something different and become the industry expert. Showcase this through effective SEO.

Our SEO processes

Nivo Digital has comprehensive hands-on experience in every stage of the SEO process across a variety of industries. By providing a mix of technical SEO, research, strategy, and valuable analysis we can work with our clients to develop and promote content or use Nivo’s extensive network of professional connections.

When working with businesses our SEO processes can include:

  • Audit your website – A thorough deep-dive audit into the current performance of your website.
  • Competitor analysis – A close-up examination of the competitors in your industry to uncover opportunity.
  • Identify personas – Understanding your target audiences and their needs through intelligent and in-depth analysis.
  • Keyword research – Finding the most relevant long and short tail terms that relate to your target audiences queries.
  • Link building – Increasing search engine trust for your website through effective and useful link building.
  • On-site optimisation – Looking after the technical SEO aspects of your website so that it has the best chance top rank.
  • Reporting – Remaining agile in our approach to your SEO based on reported data.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – Ensuring that your website is designed to convert visitors rather than leak them.

SEO in a marketing strategy

At Nivo Digital we believe that SEO should work hand in hand with other digital marketing services such as PPC, web development, social media and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Far from existing separately, we think that each service impacts on another and vice versa. The best results occur when all of these services work together in harmony.

This ‘connected’ approach can also be applied to SEO. SEO can be used to promote content and your website across a wide array of devices, industries and locations. When the most relevant (for your business) aspects of SEO work together the results can be extremely powerful.

We carefully consider each of the following aspects of SEO for every client to make sure our SEO tactics help to achieve their unique business goals:

  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • International SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • SEO for Voice Search
  • SEO Plan for a new website

If you are looking for SEO for your business website we can help.

Can You Get My Business On Google Maps?

Yes, local SEO is a service we provide so that your business appears on Google Maps. To ensure your business appears high up a number of SEO processes need to be completed.

Is there a minimum contract?

We operate on a monthly rolling contract so you have the benefit of not being tied to anything long term. For SEO to truly show results it usually takes around 6 months but this does depend on the status of your website.

How do you measure SEO success?

We measure SEO success by the number of visits to your website from organic channels such as Google and Bing. When conversion rate optimisation is combined with SEO, truly great results can be achieved.

How will we communicate?

Nivo Digital: Bristol SEO services

Nivo Digital is a Bristol based digital marketing agency that specialise in SEO for businesses, no matter the industry or sector. We provide connected SEO management services for businesses in Bristol, the South West and across the UK. We excel at boosting a businesses online visibility through professional SEO practices. We are search engine marketing experts!

This depends entirely on your SEO needs. We are flexible and put customer service of high importance in our operation. Face to face, Skype, Trello, phone and email are just a few ways we can work efficiently. We will establish the most effective way together.

Can you guarantee to get my keyword in #1?

The nature of SEO means that no one can completely guarantee a No.1 spot on a search engine. We do not work for Google or know every algorithm change that can affect rankings. We do, however, have a solid understanding and application of the SERP ranking factors.

How do you go about link building?

The process by which to obtain valuable links from other websites is an important factor in effective SEO. There are 2 ways we do this. Firstly we create onsite linkable content and secondly we outreach to your industry influencers to obtain links.

Local, National or International – we provide a leading SEO service that ensures your business grows from strength to strength on search engines.

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