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Are you looking for help with PPC? Engage your target audiences through powerful online advertising. Appear at the top of search engines and where your customers are with messages that will engage right through to conversion.

PPC is a very powerful tool but only if it is used by someone who knows what they are doing, as the process involved in effective PPC includes SEO, Conversion Optimisation, Analytics, and Strategy.

Let Nivo Digital help your business get more meaningful and relevant traffic with our PPC expertise. We are PPC management experts with a track record in achieving meaningful results for our clients.


What is paid advertising and how can it help your organisation?


Paid advertising is a blanket term for paying to drive traffic to your website. The most commonly found form of this is the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model, where advertisers will pay a specific amount every time a user clicks one of their ads. Paid advertising covers many different channels including Paid Search, Display Advertising, Paid Social Media & Paid Shopping.


Paid Search – Usually Google Ads


Google Ads & Microsoft Marketing Platform (formerly Bing Ads) are the two main search advertising platforms used in PPC, due to their wide reach. Advertisers bid to show their ads by targeting keywords they think will match to users’ searches. Ads are then shown on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and advertisers are charged if a user decides to click on their advert. Alongside this, marketers are able to narrow down the audience they are targeting, through demographic modifiers, and automated bidding, to tailor accordingly.


Display Advertising – Image or Video


With access to over 1 billion ad placements across the internet, the Google Display Network allows advertisers to reach an incredibly large audience. We are able to target specific audiences, including those who have already been on our website (re-targeting) or finding a new audience, based on interested & demographic data from Google.


Paid Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, you name it, we have experience in planning & implementing top level marketing strategies through Social Media. Identifying where your audience spend their time helps us understand what channel to choose and how best to drive relevant traffic to your website.


Google (Paid) Shopping


After setting up a Merchant Centre through either Google or Bing, advertisers have the opportunity to show their products directly on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), for audiences to see an image of the relevant product, and other information such as price, description, availability. At Nivo Digital, we have extensive experience of working with retailers to manage and improve existing shopping campaigns, in order to increase efficiency and profitability.


PPC Stages for Success


As with any marketing management service, there are 4 stages in the process of effective PPC. Firstly keyword, competitor, company, customer research and strategy. Secondly, there’s the creation (landing pages, adverts etc). Thirdly, optimisation and then finally data review and adjustment. This being a cyclical process, the knowledge and learning are then fed back into the first strategy stage and the business continually grows.


Paid advertising, unlike SEO, is not free. You pay every time someone interacts with your advert and visits your website or social account. It is the oldest and most transparent advertising option available as it will allow you as a business owner to calculate your ROI.


As part of the research and analysis stage, we can identify the channels that your competitors are using and what would be the best for you as a business to grow online. There are quite a few options available:

Remarketing / Retargeting on Google Search / Google Display / Facebook / LinkedIn – Gmail –  Twitter – Bing – Yahoo – Gmail – YouTube – LinkedIn – Facebook – Quora – Google Maps – Instagram – Programmatic – Google Shopping


Free 30 Minute No Obligation PPC Review


If you are looking for PPC support in Bristol or anywhere in the UK or abroad then send us a message or give us a call. We love to help business owners make more money from their websites using Paid Advertising.  We feel it is equally important to get to know you and your business, so get in touch for your free 30-minute meeting and let’s talk PPC for your business.

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Paid Advertising Services We Provide

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Effective market research into customers and competitors will allow you to focus your efforts in the right place in the best way. Watch what everyone else is doing and do it better – “lightbulb moments”.


Whether considering a PPC strategy for a new or existing business, a full audit and plan are essential for short to long-term success.


Launching advertising campaigns on search engines is the most effective reactive marketing method. Get new customers instantly to your business.


Advertising on social media without paid efforts is a waste of time and effort. Make sure you maximise exposure and get a good ROI. Leading YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram support.


Re-engage website visitors to your brand or service by displaying adverts to them and build on the trust and awareness. Or show them pictures of tasty coffee to entice them to meet with you in their Bristol Marketing offices!


Critical for success is the continual learning process. You need to find out what is working and what isn’t. Actionable insights through data collection can be fed back into your strategy so you have the best building blocks for which to grow.

Why are we your go-to PPC agency?


With a proven track record working with clients of varying sizes, from small family businesses needing to generate the initial relevant traffic to their site in order to grow their brand, up to international organisations, looking to take that step up on the current PPC marketing strategies and wanting to outperform their competitors.

We review your objectives, understand who your customers are and work with you to develop a marketing strategy and plan that will meet your business aims. Be it increasing the profitability of your organisation through increasing campaign ROAS, or generating more leads for your B2B business, we have many years’ experience setting up, managing and improving Paid Advertising accounts.

All Paid Advertising campaigns start with an understanding of the right channel to meet your objectives. Whilst one organisation may thrive running campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager, others may see success using the equivalent spend on Google Ads, or through display remarketing banners. We work with you to consistently trial new approaches to gain the best value for your media spend.

Cost Per Conversion is one of the most valuable metrics when assessing how effective a PPC campaign is. During our time working on PPC accounts either for other agencies or as a Google Ads freelancers, we have achieved some top results for our clients.

Client Example 1

Client Example 2

Client Example 3

Local, National or International – We provide a leading PPC service that ensures your business grows from strength to strength.

What Reporting Do You Provide?

With every managed PPC campaign, we provide a real-time online report at no extra cost which is reviewed on a monthly basis. It provides a breakdown of key metrics including, spend, CPC, keywords, search terms, conversions among others. This will allow you to see how every penny of your budget is spent.

Is there a minimum contract?

We operate on a monthly rolling contract so you have the benefit of not being tied to anything long term. This allows you to take advantage of seasonal changes and switch on and off as demand/supply dictates.

How do you measure PPC success?

We measure PPC success simply by your ROI. Of course, enquiry conversions are important but not if they are low quality.  There are other metrics I use to assess the effectiveness of a campaign including, CTR, CPC, Ad Position and keyword relevancy in addition to other Analytics KPI’s.

How will we communicate?

This depends entirely on your PPC needs. I am flexible and put customer service of high importance in my operation. Face to face, Skype, Trello, phone and email are just a few ways we can work efficiently. We will establish the most effective way together.

Do I pay Google or you for PPC spend?

We have found it better to provide our clients with full access to all PPC accounts. If you pay Google directly then it is better for tax and you will also own the account.

Is there a set up fee?

Setting up an effective PPC campaign involves a number of important processes including goal/conversion setting, customer, client, market and keyword research, account structure and landing page review – so depending on the size of your campaign the set up may incur an additional cost to the monthly management fee.


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