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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved. It is not just about getting to position 1 in Google anymore. SEO is all about growing your business sustainably and organically. At Nivo, our technical SEO experts and creative content marketers ensure your business is the most visible it can be online. Once you have that visibility, we’ll work hard to keep you there.

Earn visibility on search engines by providing value for your online customers. Connect with them when they are online.
Attract more customers to your website, increase sales and create the best online experience with SEO from an agency with years of SEO expertise.

Nivo will give you the keys to unlocking your digital marketing potential with our dynamic and agile approach to SEO.

Time, Place, People

The key to gaining more visibility in search engines is the quality of your content. Creating the most valuable media-rich content for your target audience should be a priority. After all, it’s what your customers want and need.

We also know that search engines actively promote the best, most useful content. At Nivo, we only create content that is specifically designed to meet your customers’ needs. We strive to do a better job than the competition going above and beyond in every SEO task we take on.

Once completed, we place your content where we know your customers are.

SEO = Business Growth

Choosing to invest in SEO offers long-term growth opportunities for your business.

Through improving your search engine visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) most relevant to your business you’ll start to see more relevant, earned traffic to your website.

Getting more traffic through organic rankings will help you not to rely so much on your advertising costs in order to maintain traffic levels. In fact, you’ll be able to achieve even more for the investment in your paid ads. This means that SEO is a sustainable and cost-effective strategy to get more online visibility.


Search Engine Optimisation Services

Once we’ve learnt about your business, our SEO experts choose the best elements of SEO to apply to your digital marketing. We keep our SEO knowledge fresh and up to date so that we remain proactive and ahead of the competition.

Analysis & Strategy

Using data to inform strategy is a smart move. We take time to understand your business and who your ideal clients are, as well as your website's historical data, and we use this insight to create the best marketing strategy for you.


Technical SEO

Optimising the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of any published content is an absolute must. Nivo works as a digital caretaker for your website to ensure everything is working as it should and to give you the best chance of visibility in the search results.


On-Page SEO

If you want SERP visibility, the small details matter. We optimise everything from your site's architecture to what's on the page. This means that your website, video or article is in the best shape to rank in the SERPs.

Link Building

We promote and amplify the content we create so that it reaches the intended audience quickly and effectively. Whether we're building powerful backlinks or connecting you with the right PR source, we get your content seen.

Content Writing

If you want to be seen in today’s user-focused search engines, creating content that offers unique value is the key to dominating the search results. Filling a content hole and building topic authority is a sure way to get visibility.



Creating visually attractive marketing assets such as videos and infographics is a great way to compete for space in SERPs. If you want to capture your customers attention turn their heads with content they'll want to share.


Long gone are the days of search results that just serve ads and organic content. Search results now offer a myriad of opportunities to get visibility.

Whether it’s recipes, images, videos, local map pack entries, shopping feed entries and more – being there counts!

At Nivo we know the power of making your published content work as hard as it possibly can, not only for the search results but across the platforms where your customers are.

Want to see our work in action?

If you want to see our SEO work in action, click on one of the examples below. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective SEO solutions , whether we’re optimising a website or a piece of content.

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Construction Client

Through initial analysis we discovered 2 quick SEO wins; the development of an online calculator and local SEO in 4 targeted locations around the UK. 

Travel Client

After redesigning their website for UX, we re-optimised their SEO for existing and new searcher intents which resulted in an organic traffic increase, quality and quality of leads.

Finance Client

After removing some black hat SEO techniques and developing them a super fast website whilst optimising content for Search Engines we noted a huge increase in organic traffic. 

Travel Client

Using their existing website as a base, we focused on helping their target audiences connect with relevant and valuable content. YoY this client has seen on average a 30% increase in bottom line profit. 

Startup Client

Getting traction online can be one of the biggest challenges for a new start up. Providing coaching, SEO, PPC and content marketing our client recorded some fantastic results in the first few months. 

Home Client

With some large UK wide competitors, we utilised video, graphics, local SEO, content development and link building for this client to gain some traction in a highly competitive market.  

Our Detailed SEO Process


We carry out an SEO audit on your website and measure your SEO performance. From this audit, we see opportunities for improvements. Improvements are often made in two areas: 1. Optimising or creating content 2. Technical aspects of your website.


SEO research is all about gaining valuable insight into what your customers are searching for online. If we are making SEO improvements to content we’ll research all of the key words and terms that your target audience uses as queries in search engines. We’ll also research popular questions related to your content, additional modifier terms and content that already exists in that area. From this, we have an idea of what people are searching for, what types of content they like and what they need. We can also see content gaps and opportunities for a brand to be visible in a relevant SERP.

Tech Fixes

If our SEO audit uncovers any technical problems or areas of opportunity in the code of your website, we recommend changes and either work with your website developer to resolve the issues or we simply fix the problems ourselves.


When we make SEO improvements or fixes to a website, we monitor the impact of those changes. Keeping an eye on how your website performs after we’ve changed something enables us to learn and adapt our approach to SEO on your website.


We monitor SEO performance using several digital measuring tools. Those tools give us data insights that allow us to report back to you. We’ll always be honest about results. We will also give recommendations on how we can address performance issues.

Get In Touch

We’d love to talk to you about SEO.  Simply fill in the contact box below and tell us what your challenge is. We’ll get back to you!

Feedback Is Our Fuel

Feedback is everything to us here at Nivo. We work hard to please our clients and exceed their expectations with our website designs.

When we carry out SEO work projects, we aim to give you the best results possible. 

We’re always very grateful when clients leave us great feedback based on the positive impact a Nivo has on their business. 

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Search Engine Optimisation

In order for any SEO fixes or improvements to have an effect on your rankings, a search engine much ‘crawl’ and index that page. We can tell Google that we have changed something on that page and ask it to take a look. However, SEO changes take time to really have an impact on SERPs. Typically it take 3 – 6 months to see the real impact of big changes. However sometimes it can take less time.

We measure SEO success by the number of visits to your website from organic channels such as Google and Bing. When conversion rate optimisation is combined with SEO, truly great results can be achieved.

The nature of SEO means that no one can completely guarantee a No.1 spot on a search engine. We do not work for Google or know every algorithm change that can affect rankings. We do, however, have a solid understanding and application of the SERP ranking factors.

Generally we communicate with you in several ways. We send reports at the start of each month. This report is a multi page dashboard that details every aspect of work we have completed or managed for you that month. We also use Trello boards to detail every project or piece of work we have undertaken for you. However, we can communicate with you in whatever you prefer. We are highly flexible and responsive to your needs. We also email, hold audio or video calls and occasionally meet in person too.

The process by which to obtain valuable links from other websites is an important factor in effective SEO. There are 2 ways we do this. Firstly we create onsite linkable content and secondly we outreach to your industry influencers to obtain links.

Yes, local SEO is a service we provide so that your business appears on Google Maps. To ensure your business appears high up a number of SEO processes need to be completed.

We operate on a monthly rolling contract so you have the benefit of not being tied to anything long term. For SEO to truly show results it usually takes around 6 months but this does depend on the status of your website.

There are lots of tools we use to perform SEO for our clients. Here are just some of them: AHrefs, Ubersuggest, Google Search Console, Answer the Public, Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Brightlocal and many more.

Yes we can. There are many similarities between optimising text copy and optimising video. There are also something we can do in Youtube to optimise a video.

The biggest SEO factor not in our control is Google. The way Google ranks websites is kept a secret by Google. They don’t publish changes to their search algorithms, However, SEO experts have tried and tested best practices we use in order to get results.

‘Black hat’ SEO is a term used for SEO practices that don’t adhere to Google’s rules for fair SEO practice. This type of SEO is not illegal but practicing black hat SEO violates Google’s webmaster guidelines. Black hat SEO practices can achieve short-term gains but over time search engines will pick up recognise bad practice and potentially punish websites that are using it.