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SEO - A Solution For Organic Ranking

It is not just about getting to position 1 in Google anymore. SEO is all about growing your business sustainably and organically.

At Nivo, our technical SEO experts and creative content marketers ensure your business is the most visible it can be online.

Once you have that visibility, we’ll work hard to keep you there.

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Instant, Scalable & Targeted Traffic

Pay-per-click advertising is the process of generating high-quality, targeted traffic to your website, helping you to increase conversions & transactions.

By using PPC, you can go automatically to the top of the search results page. Our experts will work with you to develop a list of keywords & phrases that are relevant to your page, products & services.

We will give you the keys to unlocking your digital marketing potential. Want to learn more about how we can help you?

Benefits Of Combining Our SEO & PPC Services

As an SEO and PPC agency, we don’t believe in a rigid form of digital marketing. Not all businesses are the same, have the same budget, or require the same strategy. That is why we do implement a collaboration of the two services.

As part of our flexible marketing services we ensure that your marketing journey is simple, stress-free and easy to understand.

The benefits of combining the two are:

1. Avoid keyword traps that can lead to the loss of potential clients

2. See quicker measurable results - PPC for faster, short-term results that will help boost traffic for your SEO long-term results

3. Better optimised landing pages that will benefit both SEO and PPC

4. Get visibility in SERP faster:

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A flexible marketing approach that is designed to accommodate your business needs, goals, and budget for better results.

Our SEO & PPC Services

Search Ads

Search marketing is the bread and butter of paid advertising. We manage your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads to drive high-quality traffic to your website.

Shopping Ads

The Google Shopping channel allows us to advertise your products to your target audiences by tailoring campaigns and strategies to suit.

Display Ads

With a reach of over 90% of people on the internet, the Google Display Network gives you unprecedented access to new audiences, locally, nationally & globally.

Strategy & Insights

What makes your customers tick? Back up decisions using Google Analytics.


Connect with your audience across multiple platforms, increasing your brand awareness and catching users at different stages of the conversion path.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Re-engage past visitors to your website to encourage interested prospects to re-visit your website and generate more conversions


With a reach of over 1 billion users per month, prospecting to new customers or re-engaging past visitors to your site through Gmail Ads is a great option to explore.


Let's go beyond taking users to your site or driving them to contact you and actually getting them to download your app.

Analysis & Strategy

Using data to inform strategy is a smart move. We take time to understand your business and who your ideal clients are, as well as your website's historical data, and we use this insight to create the best marketing strategy for you.

Technical SEO

Optimising the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of any published content is an absolute must. Nivo works as a digital caretaker for your website to ensure everything is working as it should and to give you the best chance of visibility in the search results.

On-Page SEO

If you want SERP visibility, the small details matter. We optimise everything from your site's architecture to what's on the page. This means that your website, video or article is in the best shape to rank in the SERPs.

Link Building

We promote and amplify the content we create so that it reaches the intended audience quickly and effectively. Whether we're building powerful backlinks or connecting you with the right PR source, we get your content seen.

Content Writing

If you want to be seen in today’s user-focused search engines, creating content that offers unique value is the key to dominating the search results. Filling a content hole and building topic authority is a sure way to get visibility.


Creating visually attractive marketing assets such as videos and infographics is a great way to compete for space in SERPs. If you want to capture your customers' attention, turn their heads with content they'll want to share.

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Feedback Is Our Fuel

Nivo Digital are a pleasure to work with. Their approach and knowledge of SEO, Adwords and websites is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them
Helen lacey, Mode Beds
The speedy rise of the website for online rankings has been nothing short of spectacular. From being an online nobody we are now being found organically for our keywords: position 1-3 for 10 keywords and position 4-10 for 23 keywords which means we spend a relatively small budget on Google Adwords.
Kate Allen, Salcombe Finest
We’ve used Nivo for just over a year to take care of our SEO affairs as well as Google Adwords. And I can say it’s a great company to work with. Super responsive and very professional. We have seen such an improvement over the year.
Nadine Vaas, Self Catered Saint Martin

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