Nivo Digital Flexible Marketing Solution

Wondering how to create a successful marketing strategy? Why not make it flexible?

Why It’s Important?

Before starting your ads, posting your content, writing your blogs, or optimising your website, you should have a detailed marketing plan that suits your business type, size, and budget.

You should also be able to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns to understand what is working and what is not.

Over the years, the common theme that we have seen from our clients is that most businesses apply a strategy, but they often do not pay attention to data and results and hence keep doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome.

Plan, Strategise and Execute

This is where our team of marketing experts and web designers comes in. We focus on providing our clients with a flexible marketing solution that identifies and solves problems.

Our approach saves your business time and money and helps drive the right audience to your products and services.

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Laser-Focused Marketing

We aim to ensure that your marketing journey is simple, stress-free and easy to understand.

Before starting to design your marketing strategy, we will discuss your business goals to ensure we are on the same page. This will then follow up with a website and social media audit so we can better plan a marketing strategy that suits your business.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all marketing approach, which is why we offer a flexible marketing solution.

What Does Our Flexible Marketing Entail?

Whether you’re just starting or an established business looking to get more valuable leads, our Flexible Digital Marketing Package will cover all the marketing areas you need.

We flex each month to focus on what will make the most significant difference to your business at that time. Whether it’s getting leads from paid ads, investing in your SEO or updating the website's feel and look.

Our flexible marketing solution service runs on a monthly rolling agreement which you can update, or cancel at any time.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Social Media
Email Marketing
Market Research
Market Strategy

Services Can Include

Google Analytics and tracking setup
Content development, including design
Social media setup and management
Hosting management
Website development and fixes
Paid Ads setup, development and monitoring
Onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Answering all the messages you get on social media
Reviewing, strategising and planning the tasks that will bring you the most value

How Does It Work?

Market Research

Strategy & Collaboration

Executing The Strategy

Marketing Research

Before we do anything, the most crucial step is to clearly define your goals and unique selling points (USPs) and understand who your competitors and potential customers are.

If you agree to proceed with a flexible marketing approach, a team member will invite you to Basecamp. Our project management system allows you to follow the work progress and better communicate with our team if you have any questions or concerns.

“Marketing without market research is like driving with your eyes closed”


At Nivo Digital, we help you understand your users’ journey from the moment they show interest to when they make a purchase.

The research includes:

Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Audience research
Where to focus energy on your ad spend
Website audit to identify any issues and solve them
The landing pages you need for effective goal conversion
Content ideas that will engage your audience
Elements that your ad copy needs to engage your target audience

Strategy And Collaboration

Now it’s time to create a plan that includes the areas with the most significant impact. We will consider your goals, website traffic data and what we know about your users, potential customers and your competitors to create this plan.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Tasks Can Include

Once we have a list of priority tasks, we agree on ‘who will do what’ and schedule and assign each of those tasks to a member of our team (or yourself) that specialises in this area.

You will be able to see who has been assigned to each task and ask them any questions you may have or review any completed work.

If we need your feedback or any other information to complete the tasks, you will receive a notification from Basecamp.

Google Analytics and tracking configuration
SEO, including local SEO strategies
Content ideas and content writing
Website design and fixes
Social media management
Paid ads setup and monitoring

Executing The Strategy

Once everything has been planned, our SEO, PPC, website and social media professionals will start executing the tasks.

“Planning without execution is a daydream”

The right content, and SEO optimisation will help your website get to the first positions in Google and stay there. By helping you grow your website and business sustainably and organically, you can eventually reduce your ads bill, saving money in the long run.

We can also leverage social media to amplify your content and SEO efforts and drive more website traffic.

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Nivo Flexible Marketing Solution

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