Top 5 Pay Per Click (PPC) WordPress Plugins 2018

Now when we talk about plugins for Wordpress we rarely associate pay-per-click (PPC) with them. Wordpress plugins essentially add additional features and power to any given theme on the platform, thus enabling the website designer or developer to easily condition it to their (usually) exacting...


5 Signs Your Google AdWords Account is Burning £££

I audit Google AdWords accounts all the time and it still shocks me how often I find poorly managed and neglected PPC campaigns. These accounts are also supposedly being managed by some expert agencies. Here are 5 ways to tell if your PPC agency or freelancer...


7 New Skills Every PPC Manager Will Need to Master in 2018

I read a lot of marketing articles and books and continually learn from industry experts. Marketing is exciting in this respect as there is no manual, there are various guidelines but there is definitely no "one size fits all" marketing strategy. To stay ahead of the competition I...