Steele Financial is composed of a team of highly skilled and experienced certified chartered accountants with decades of experience helping businesses thrive.

Steele Financial specialises in helping companies from all industries, covering everything from bookkeeping and VAT to higher management level business advice and reporting, ensuring that each of their clients reaches their full potential. 

The accountancy firm was looking to upgrade its existing website to offer visitors an enhanced user experience and to also improve its organic rankings. 

The old website had speed issues and was outdated. The fonts and graphics looked dated and the structure of the website didn’t accurately capture all the services and areas of expertise of the firm.

Additionally, the old website wasn’t correctly optimised for local search, so it didn’t bring in as much local traffic as it could.

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The team at Nivo Digital created a brand new website for Steele Financial, with a focus on SEO and UX website design.

To decide what the main pages and their content were going to be, we conducted preliminary research to identify the client’s competitors, as well as keywords targetted by similar firms. With the client’s input, we defined Steele Financial’s core marketing messaging, unique selling points and the brand’s perception.

We also identified the firm’s target audiences and built a profile for each of them, which allowed us to build landing pages for each of these target clients, addressing their needs and aligning them with the services offered by our client. 

After the website launch, our team has continued monitoring the performance of the website and growing the brand locally. 

As content writers, our SEO team here at Nivo has gained a significant amount of experience in writing accounting and finance based blogs for our clients, and as such, we came into the content creation for Steele Financial with some understanding of the landscape.

All of our blogs were thoroughly keyword researched and produced to have the best possible impact on our client. 

Optimisation of service pages

In addition to our keyword-researched content, we also optimised the main service pages so as to improve the site’s overall Google score for accounting terms, including local terms for Bristol. 

Other local search optimisations

To improve Steele Financial’s local presence, our team has also optimised Steele Financial’s Google My Business profile.


The above strategies have yielded good results on local search. Over 54% of the people finding Steele Financial’s Google My Business did so through organic search when looking for accountancy services in Bristol.

In the last quarter, this resulted in Steele Financial being seen over 4,800 times on Google Maps.

In terms of organic traffic on the website, the overall trend in Steele Financial’s average position has been a rapid rise and a steady plateau since working with our SEO team.

Social Media

Working alongside SEO, in the past two months we have run a number of social media campaigns to increase engagement for Steele Financial. The #supportsmall competition and giveaway we ran throughout November was successful in increasing reach and engagement across all social media platforms, causing increased rates for Twitter and Instagram.

In the last 60 days, Steele Financial’s Instagram profile alone has an increased engagement rate of 106.25%, with website link taps. This is due to greater personalisation of posts and our ‘Meet The Team’ campaign running in January has already proved popular.

In December Steele Financial’s Facebook reach was up by 33%, peaking around Christmas, demonstrating that our festive themed posts did especially well.