Lively Professional Services is a company that provides professional snagging services to new build home buyers. 

Prior to discovering SEO best practices using Nivo Digital, its CEO and founder Ian Lively allocated a budget to promote Google Ad campaigns. 

Ian believed their SEO footprint wasn’t big enough and while self-education got Lively Professional started, he sought after a greater understanding of SEO. 

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In order to increase website traffic, Nivo Digital designed a strategy focused on new content creation, combined with improving the site’s interlinking, optimising images and solving technical errors. 

The SEO team worked with various SEO tools to select the most valuable keywords that would drive more traffic to the website and created content recommendations based on those keywords. 

These ideas would then be shared with Ian every month, who would write a first version of the content and share it with the team. Our in-house SEO team would then optimise the content further, adding new keywords, relevant, optimised images and links to valuable external and internal pages.

The content would then be continuously monitored to see which search terms were driving visitors to those pages and optimising the pages further by adding those new terms as well as other semantic keywords.

Throughout this project, the SEO team at Nivo updated all the older blogs, added new links to improve the content architecture of the site and added “authored by” information to the blogs to increase the site’s authority. 

With limited resources, it was critical to keep all SEO best practices in mind, including image optimisation. To implement image and video SEO strategies, every photo was optimised with alt tags. Site audit tools were also used regularly to fix technical errors immediately.

To improve the site’s backlink profile and reach a wider audience, the SEO team also created new business citations and a Medium account for Lively Professional Services, which has been updated with content for a wider audience, linking to other blogs and pages on their website with more information. 


In the last year, Lively Professional Services has seen a 1250% increase in keywords ranked on page one, 229% increase on page two and 786% increase in keywords ranked on pages three and up. 

They have also seen a 608% increase in organic traffic. 

Organic traffic in 2020-21 accounts for 78.5% of the total traffic of the site vs 28.6% in the previous year. In 2019, most traffic came from paid search (40.9%) whereas this is now 8.8% of the total due to the organic traffic increase. This allowed Lively Professional Services to reduce their PPC cost, giving them a more sustainable traffic growth perspective in the long term.