Hairforce Clinics is the UK’s professional nit and head lice removal service since 2006. With clinics all over the UK, Hairforce Clinics strive to offer first-class service to their clients and use no chemicals, pesticides or toxins in their treatments.

Hairforce Clinics partnered with Nivo Digital to track and improve keywords, rankings and detect site errors needing technical fixes.

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The SEO team at Nivo Digital started by prioritising technical SEO fixes to advance the site’s overall health. Then, the focus was on achieving superior content performance.

The content strategy followed a two-pronged approach – first, updating and improving the site’s existing content, then creating new content following thorough keyword research. 

We worked collaboratively with the client, providing them with the topics and keywords that were getting more traffic each month. They would then write a first draft of the blogs (that hit the target keywords) and send it back to our SEO team, which would then perform further SEO optimisations on the text and on the page once published on WordPress.

We optimised all images on the website with alt. text in line with the topic of the blog they were embedded in. 

The team also provided the client with recommendations for their social media profiles, including Facebook and Instagram, and managed their YouTube channel, updating it and optimising their existing videos for search.


In the last year, Hairforce Clinics has seen a 1,109% increase in organic traffic. 

Additionally, the number of keywords on page 1 of Google Search has increased from 67 to 762 in the last 12 months. The number of keywords on page 2 has also risen sharply from 60 to 764. Results from pages 3-5 have gone from just under 1K to 2.6K.

As a result of all our SEO efforts, the website’s domain authority has also increased by 12 points in the last 12 months, from 17 to an authority score of 29.