Why It’s Important To Keep Your WordPress Website Updated

Nivo Digital

21 November 2019

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We know it seems like another thing to add to your growing ‘to do’ list, but updating your WordPress site is so important!

WordPress updates provide your site with new features and fix bugs or breaches that might affect the security of your site.

We know how important your website is to your business, as well as the time and effort that’s gone into creating it.

By updating your website once a month you’re keeping yourself protected. 

We’ve put together the top reasons why keeping your website updated is so important.

Maintain website security 

WordPress is an extremely popular platform for websites – 1 in 5 websites to be exact, which means it’s just as popular for hackers.

WordPress is constantly on the alert to fixing any weaknesses within their platform.

By simply upgrading your site to the latest version of WordPress you’re stopping any security gaps as soon as possible. 

Most up to date plugins and themes

The plugins and themes of your site are at just as much at risk as your core platform of WordPress.

Hackers are continuously trying to find security holes to take advantage of, to ensure you’re keeping them at bay, keep these elements updated monthly.

Not only does this keep you protected, but there may be new functionalities within the update that you will have access to. 

To keep your website functioning smoothly

Like all technology, the older software gets, the less protective it becomes.

Updates usually include coding changes to plugins or widgets, sometimes the old code to a piece of software will simply stop working.

By updating all elements to your site, you stand the best possible chance of your site running efficiently at all times. 

The newest version of the software is always better 

Software development is moving so quickly, which means newer is always better in technology!

The newest versions of software mean that you’ll be benefiting from any changes or improvements.

A function of your site may have stopped working recently, and that problem could easily be fixed by updating your WordPress site.