Why do CRO & PPC compliment each other so well?

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There can be some confusion on whether PPC and CRO work together, if they are better off being used separately and how they help businesses grow.

But, when you look at them individually, you’ll see how well they can both compliment your website and when used together, they ultimately bring in twice the amount of revenue.

You’ll realise they go hand in hand with bringing in valuable customers and creating more sales for your business!

What is PPC?

PPC (pay per clicks) is often used in the marketing world as a way to draw traffic to websites.

Without using PPC it can be extremely difficult to gain awareness of your campaigns.

PPC allows marketers to place an advert on a platform that is ad friendly, paying each time the adverts are clicked. These adverts usually link to the marketers website creating traffic.

Because the visitor has entered the website through the advert link, it shows that they are interested in what your company has to offer.

This gives the potential for an increased sales rate because the people who have clicked on your advert know that they have a problem and know what they need in order to fix it.

PPC increases revenue by bringing educated traffic to your website instead of relying on visitors that find your website by chance and are not educated enough to know what their problem is or how to fix it, therefore being unlikely to make a purchase.

How to Get Your PPC Ad Messaging Right – Check out this article for more information!

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation is focused on delivering valuable visitors, quality content and optimising the percentage of visitors who complete a task on your website.

CRO is crucial to increasing revenue, giving a great user experience and is a must have for the success of your business.

It is a way for you to make bold decisions, supported by data and evidence, showing what areas of your website are underachieving and need to be changed in order to perform better.

Having a website that is easy to use, informative and fast helps keep the traffic gained from the PPC interested in what your company has to offer and converting them into sales.

Why do they work well together?

PPC and CRO work nicely together because PPC allows you to gain more traffic onto your website while CRO helps you to make your website gripping for the visitor, creating more conversions.

CRO focuses on the customer’s journey through your website, making it quick and easy to find the information they want while PPC focuses on bringing relevant traffic to your website in the first place.

For example, if an advert for a washing machine catches your eye on social media and you click on the ad, you will be taken to a website which is perfectly designed, thanks to CRO.  Therefore, the ad will continue onto the landing page with information, a call-to-action and ending in a sale.

One compliments the other and marketers who believe you can only use one or the other don’t realise that CRO and PPC is the secret to mastering your website.

It is the best way you can make sure your business stays relevant, efficient and at the top of the market.

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Nivo is a streamlined website and marketing agency that helps you to create a hard working shop window with on point messaging to get you more customers.
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