What’s the ideal length for a video?

Nivo Digital

10 June 2020

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We all have short attention spans. Running video on social media platforms is a battle because you are trying to get people to watch your video and not click on someone else’s instead.

Irrespective of how long your video is, no one’s going to watch it if it’s boring. It’s very important to hook viewers in early and give them a reason to stay to the end of the video however long it is.

As humans, we are used to listening to stories; it’s a format we easily understand. If you can find a way of creating content in this format it will help to naturally engage with people.

So with that in mind, we will have a look at some of the data surrounding video.

What is the perfect length for a Facebook video? A: 60 secs

It has been proved that the Facebook audience engages the most with videos that are around one minute in length. Users like to watch videos that get straight to the point, entertain them, then they can quickly like and share them before scrolling on to the next one.

What is the perfect length for an Instagram video? A: 30 secs

The Instagram videos that received the most comments are ones around 30 secs. Because there is no text to slow us down, we process the visual content much quicker and scroll much faster on Instagram than on other social media apps.

What is the perfect length for a Twitter video? A: 45 secs

Based on twitters #videooftheday, the average length of the videos were 43 seconds. Twitter by its very nature is all about short bursts of information and with the character count being small the video length needs to be small too. Get to the point… keep it short.

What’s the perfect time for a YouTube video? A: 120 secs

YouTube is the platform that is all about video. And you’ll find videos on here that go on forever. But in terms of marketing,  there is a definite sweet spot around two minutes. That doesn’t mean to say once you have gained an audience that you can’t create longer more in-depth pieces tailored to your new-found follower’s needs.

What is the perfect length for a LinkedIn video? A: 15 to 30 secs

The LinkedIn platform is all about business to business and for brand awareness videos LinkedIn recommends you keep the video length to under 30 seconds. Other marketing videos can be a little longer and we would recommend you keep those below two minutes.

What is the perfect length for a video on a website? A: 30 to 120 secs

If someone arrives on your site and you have a video above the fold you need to engage them and get straight to the point. If you don’t you have the chance that they will not only stop watching the video but click off your site and head to your competitor.

Obviously, there are a number of other videos you can have on the homepage or on internal pages for various needs. Again, even if these are just explanation videos or testimonial videos, you need to keep them as short as possible. People just don’t have the time in their busy days and are easily distracted with all the other things they have to do.

What if I have footage from a conference?

There are some times you might want to upload all the footage that you have, but my suggestion would be to get an edited highlights reel together.  It will have much more impact. There is a time and place to have longer content, but after 12 minutes you will see a major drop-off in viewers.