What is a marketing-focused website?

Nivo Digital

18 February 2021

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Your website has a purpose. For the majority of sites, the purpose is to showcase a brand and to drive conversions. It’s all too common for websites to be more about the business than the user. A marketing focused website is created for the visitor, with their needs and expectations considered at every stage. The result is a site perfectly optimised for user journey and experience you can expect repeat visits, brand loyalty and, ultimately, more sales. There are different types of websites – ecommerce, portfolios, blogs, directories, magazine sites, homepages, landing pages and so on. But ultimately, when building a marketing focused website you need to keep stages of the marketing funnel and your user persona in mind at every stage. This lead nurturing approach will lead to the most valuable website for you, and for your visitors.

Questions your website designer should ask you:

What’s the purpose of your website?

You need a clear value proposition for a marketing focused website. What do people want from your site? What actions do you want them to complete whilst they’re there? Think about where each of your pages sits within the marketing funnel. If there’s a page that doesn’t sit within that all important consumer journey – it needs to be aligned and refocused.

What business goals do you have for your website that aren’t being met by the current version?

Is there functionality that your current site is lacking? Does it represent your brand in a way that you’re proud of? It can be valuable to collect feedback on your current website from visitors just in case there are elements you haven’t noticed.

Who is this website for?

If your business B2B, B2C? Think about the persona of the website visitor and how you will cater for them best.

How will you measure the success of your new site?

What metrics will you focus on to tell if your website is working or not? How will you be tracking these metrics in a way that is valuable to your goals?

How website designers get it wrong

Basing the website too closely on a competitor.

This is about finding a unique selling point for your website. What pain points is your site responding to? You need to be offering something new that people want.

Neglecting multiple personas

Some businesses will have more than one distinct persona making use of their site. For example, a holiday let website will have visitors who are looking for holidays and people who are renting their properties. By neglecting either of these groups you risk losing revenue and credibility.

Not offering enough to the user

A calculator, downloadable PDFs, how-to videos, funny content, webinars… You need to be offering something of value to your audience. By offering resources like these on your site you’ll be sure to encourage repeat visits, loyalty and brand advocacy.

Failing to optimise for all devices

The key to a successful marketing focussed website is that your visitors enjoy using it and get something of value from the experience. If a visitor on a mobile finds your website doesn’t load properly, or it’s slow, or hard to use, they won’t stick around! If you want help creating the ultimate marketing focused website why not contact the Hoo team today and we can help you get started.