Top 5 Pay Per Click (PPC) WordPress Plugins

Nivo Digital

6 January 2018

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Now when we talk about plugins for WordPress we rarely associate pay-per-click (PPC) with them. WordPress plugins essentially add additional features and power to any given theme on the platform. Thus, they enable the website designer or developer to easily condition it to their (usually) exacting requirements.

It may, therefore, come as a surprise to know there are actually WordPress plugins that can help with PPC. You may have heard of them, you may already be using them or they may be entirely new to you. But, if you are looking to improve the success of any pay-per-click campaign whether, from Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, Facebook or Quora add these to your website today and start increasing your ROI from PPC.

Read on to find out more about the most useful pay per click WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your PPC ROI

Multi-Part Forms (Ninja Forms Extension)

If the aim of your PPC campaign is to convert visitors into customers via web form enquiries, then this pay per click WordPress plugin is for you. It works by engaging the customer with a leading question that’s related to their search query. So within five seconds of them landing on your page, you can engage visitors.

Rather than having a chunky fully-visible contact form on your landing page, start with one well thought out question that leads to another. By using the previous and next buttons and possibly a progress bar this will encourage the user to complete the form and part with their email address. I like it as it makes the visitor think  “well I’ve started so I may as well finish”.  Nice one Ninja.

Cost: £39

Leadpages Landing Page Builder 

The page that every website visitor lands on is critical for whether they turn into a customer or not. How well is your landing page working for you? You can find out in your Google Analytics by reviewing the Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages and then adding a secondary dimension  ” source/medium” this will also show you which channels the visitor used and whether it led to a conversion, or not!

Leadpages is a sweet plugin that will allow you to test out different landing pages on your website. you can choose from 130+ free, mobile-responsive landing page templates.

If 1 landing page serves the purpose of a visitor and answers all their questions and then leads them to make contact with you this would be a success.

Cost: £23 a month

Plugin Organizer

In 2018 website speed is everything. By improving this you will improve the visitor experience from paid advertising campaigns and search engines will rank you higher organically.

Plugin Organizer is one of the best plugins that will speed up your website by allowing you to disable the plugins that aren’t being used on specific or all the pages. Simple to install and use. Happy days.

Cost: Free


Neil Patel is one of the marketing industries thought leaders. He and his team have created this PPC WordPress plugin that will allow you to capture leads, promote a sale, talk to your visitors, grow your mailing list or get more Facebook likes on any given page.

You have full control over which messages appear on what pages and when they appear. You can also carry out A/B tests that will increase the conversion rate.

Cost: Free & Paid Subscriptions

WP Google Maps

A particularly powerful addition to your landing page if you are running a local PPC campaign. The fact is people are lazy, so if you aren’t able to show website visitors quickly where your business is located or the areas you provide your service they won’t bother too long to search for it on your website.

One of the powerful features of Google AdWords is the ability to be really granular with geo-targeting. If you want to target people within specific postcodes you can. When they search from within that postcode or from another location about that location they will land on your page and see your map and – bang – the association is made and you’re one step closer to making them into your next customer.

Cost: Free & Paid Subscriptions


If you are running a Paid Advertising campaign its all well and good sending qualified visitors to your website, but are you ensuring they are turning into customers? These 5 WordPress plugins will increase your PPC ROI with little effort.

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