PPC Bristol – 10 Interesting Paid Advertising Search Results

Nivo Digital

4 January 2018

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There are an estimated 85K different variations of short and long tail keywords that get used each month when people search on Google in Bristol.

Here are 10 of the most interesting Google Searches people make, I’ve included the volume and what it would cost you per click if you were going to advertise on Google AdWords.

“Are Bristol City Playing Tonight?”

On average 40 people, each month search using this exact phrase. If you wanted to get an advert at the top of Google? This would cost £2.17

“Bristol Stool Chart”

Yes, you read that correctly, there are on average 27,100 people searching for this phrase each and every month. If you would like to compete against other “stool” advertisers this will set you back a steaming £0.48 per click.

“Bristol Vintage Shops”

1,000 internet searchers each month are looking online to connect with Vintage clothing shops in Bristol. Not a bad price to pay £0.80 – I’d say this would be a good business to be in right now, given this demand.

“Bristol What To Do”

3,600 of us each month look to Google for answers for things to do in Bristol. It’s going to cost you £0.55 per click if you want to advertise on Google AdWords for this keyword!

“Bristol For Kids”

390 parents and grandparents look to Google each month to provide them with answers to how to keep their kids entertained. There are many things to do in Bristol for the little people among us and if you wanted to target them it will cost you £1.77 per click.

“Ikea Bristol”

27,100 people each month use Google to find the location or check if a product is in stock or check opening times on Google. Looking to open up a shop to compete with them? £0.40 per click is what it will cost you.

“Bristol Accent”

1,000 non-Bristolians (or paranoid Bristolians) search about the famous pirate accent. There were no suggested bid cost available so if you wanted to create a Udemy course on how to master the Bristol accent further research would be required. Agggrrrr.

“PPC Bristol”

50 people each month turn to Google (most likely other marketers) looking for other PPC Bristol marketers. This keyword will set you back a mere £8.55 to connect with other marketers! Woohoo!??!?

“Bristol Yoga Space”

210 people are looking for new spaces to breathe in Bristol. Looking to satisfy their demand, it will cost you £1.19 a click.

“Bristol Walking Tour”

390 of us, most likely visitors, want a memorable walking tour around Bristol each month. You could start your own tour and for just £0.83 per click, you could be on to a winner. This is my tip for which business to start in Bristol in 2018.

Of course, there are many more variations of search terms that people use when searching for information about Bristol but these are some of my favourites.

How I Discovered These PPC Bristol Keywords

Keyword research is an essential part of my job as a Freelance PPC expert in Bristol and have tested out countless paid and free tools. I used a combination of 2 of my favourites to get this data.



First, add the keywords everywhere chrome or Firefox extension, insert your email address to get an API key, then whizz over to Answer The Public, search for any keyword and you will be provided with lists of results.

If you would like me to carry out some keyword research (one of the most important factors for a successful PPC and SEO marketing campaign) contact me today!