I Love My Job When…

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7 January 2018

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Having worked for over 10 different companies in 10 different locations over the past 20 years both in the UK and Europe, I’ve learned from the best (and worst). In every instance, I have subconsciously asked myself “I love my job when…”

‘I love my job when it doesn’t feel like work but when it feels healthy and like I am helping someone other than myself.’ C. Harrison

Have you read the book “The 4 hour work week” by Tim Ferriss? If not you should. You will soon understand that the general consensus of life is about working hard and then retiring. But what then?

It’s made me believe that I should always love what I do and who I do it for with the idea I can do it forever. I will keep on trying new things, learning about myself and developing new ways of doing things. Health and helping others are now my 2 main priorities.

Margaret B. Runbeck

DDWT (thanks to David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions for this one) “Don’t Deal With Tossers” and it’s true, life is way too short to have it taken away by the wankers in the world.

So there are my personal insights into how and when I love my job…

I would love to hear what yours is. Post it in the comments below!