How To Embed A YouTube Video Onto A WordPress Page

Nivo Digital

15 February 2018

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One of the best ways to keep your website visitors engaged when they visit is by use of video. Because YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world it makes sense to combine any videos you have onto your website so your visitors can check you out.

Here I go through the steps so you can easily add your YouTube video to your WordPress webpage.

Step 1 – Grab the YouTube Embed Code

First off, head on over to the video on YouTube that you want to embed on your WordPress website. Then under the video you will see a “SHARE” text button, click on this and a pop up will appear like in the below screenshot.

Then you will need to click on the “Embed” text button which will reveal the embed code. Here you have some choices to make, such as

  • When would you like you
  • Show suggested videos when the video finishes
  • Show player controls
  • Enable privacy-enhanced mode

Once you have decided on your settings by clicking on the copy button will grab the code you need to add to your video to your WordPress page.

Step 2 – Add the Embed Code To Your Web Page

Open up the page or blog post on your WordPress website that you want to add the video too. Then click on the “Text” Tab.

From here you will see a load of HTML code. Navigate to the place where you want to insert the video and paste it in. Then hit the publish/update button.

How to add a YouTube video on to a page where a page builder has been used

Open the page you want to add the video and click on the section you want to add the video. Below is the view you would see if you had WPBakery installed on your WordPress website.

After you have clicked on the edit button a pop out will appear. Now you can click on the “Text” tab and navigate to the section you want to embed the video. Paste it and Publish/Update.

Step 3 – Check to see how your video looks on different devices

Now your YouTube video has been published, check it out on different devices. You need to do this because in some situations the video may not respond to the page on mobile devices.

How to make your YouTube embed video become device responsive?

You can make this change by adding in 100% instead of setting a width and height. See below.

There you go, now you know how to successfully embed a YouTube video into your WordPress website. Many thanks to Simon Parker for allowing me to use his website as an example for this tutorial!