Does Your Website Need A Cost Calculator?

Nivo Digital

22 November 2019

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This may be the first time you’ve heard of a cost calculator so we’re here to tell you all about it and how it can help your business. A cost calculator is an instant quote function that can be tailor-designed to suit your business. We’ve broken down all the frequently asked questions surrounding the cost calculator – happy reading!

What is a cost calculator?

In simple terms, a cost calculator enables you to build price calculations for practically everything there is. It’s an extremely smart feature that lets you create any type of cost calculation form, regardless of the complexity of the calculations.

How a cost calculator can help your business?

If you’re a business that produces quotes for your customers then this tool is going to be perfect for you! All quotes are based on various elements a user has selected, and a cost calculator can put a value to those elements, as well as formulate equations along the way. 

For example, your website probably already displays a contact form, through which users will then get in touch to enquire about a cost estimation. You and other members of the team will then have to arrange a price, that price will then have to be given to your customer via email or over the phone. 

A cost calculator will simplify that whole process.

As well as all of the above, there’s an added bonus of the cost calculator being completely eco-friendly. All instant quotes are stored within your website’s CMS, so you can view and edit all orders electronically without printing anything off.  

Can the cost calculator be designed to fit within my brand?

Of course! As you can see from our examples, all the calculators have been styled to fit within that company’s brand guidelines or even the style of that website. We’ll ensure your cost calculator is just another piece of furniture within your website.