A Targeted Facebook and YouTube Strategy

Nivo Digital

10 June 2020

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In this article, we are going to talk about how powerful Facebook marketing can be and how a simple change in the way that you create and retarget adverts can have a powerful effect on your bottom line.

The main reason you need to use Facebook advertising is down to targeting. The vast majority of the population spend a vast amount of time on Facebook and we can target them, not only by demographics but by; hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes.

We can create tailored content that’s going to be engaging and useful to them, and deliver it right on the device they’re spending most of their time on.


The first thing we need to do is to create an awareness video. This is not a sales video but is just introducing people to your business and your services. It must be engaging and relevant to the targeted viewer.

At this point, we are trying to keep the viewer on the Facebook platform and are not really worried about calls to action to ‘visit my site’ or ‘buy this’ etc. Because you’re keeping them on the Facebook platform your initial ad cost will be lower. The trick comes with the next part.


Because Facebook is such a fantastic Data capturing machine, you can see all metrics gathered on the initial video and you can retarget to only the people who watched it. This is incredibly powerful.

The second video is only going to be shown to people that already know you know and at this point, you can start to introduce offers. These offers again should be made in a video that introduces your offer and finishes with a call to action. This should invite them to visit your landing page where they can get your offer in exchange for an email address.

You can also give people an option to redeem the offer quickly by offering them a further incentive to take action now.


So what happens if someone liked your offer, went to your landing page but didn’t enter their email?

Again, Facebook comes to the rescue. We can add a Tracking Pixel to the landing page that can follow people from Facebook and we can see whether they entered their email or not. For people that didn’t enter their email address, we can target them with another video.

This time we can show them a customer testimonial video (social proof) and offer them another chance to revisit the landing page to take advantage of the offer.


But wait there’s more. You can also add a YouTube pixel to that landing page as well. So now, you can show those same testimonial videos on YouTube, targeted to the specific people who went your landing page but didn’t signup. How powerful is that?

So that’s in a nutshell. A very powerful way of getting customers using the power of Facebook and YouTube.

Tool Kit

All you need is to make this happen are:

  • An Awareness video
  • An Offer Video
  • A Customer testimonial and re-presentation of your offer.
  • A Landing page
  • An email autoresponder like Drip
  • A Facebook Account
  • A YouTube account