6 Product Descriptions You’ll Wish You Had Written

Nivo Digital

28 February 2018

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A great product description is essential if you want to sell your product. This doesn’t always mean witty sentences and cute phrases, it can be as simple as featuring all the information in an easy-to-read scannable format. A bad product description means a customer is less likely to convert and they may think twice about shopping with you again. As an SEO marketer in Bristol, I have years of experience writing product description for brands. Here are my 6 favourite killer product descriptions examples. 

Bamboo Bamboo

Marketing to parents is always going to be emotive. Bamboo Bamboo have capitalised on this by using the phrase ‘Protect your child from BPA, phthalates and other toxins’ straight off the bat. The use of the word ‘protect’ suggests that by buying these bowls, you are doing your job as a parent properly and that without these bowls, your child could potentially be exposed to harmful toxins.


Innocent are pretty much at the top of their game when it comes to creating copy that’s playful, but not over the top. Their packaging is always fun and this product descriptions for their green smoothie combines nostalgia with the relatable fact that most children don’t love eating their greens. What’s more – they’ve found a solution with this smoothie!


This product description manages to include all the essential information in 2 handy bullet point lists. It also has a lovely descriptive paragraph at the top that suggests where and how you can use the product. It also has the additional benefit of describing how this product is going to enrich your quality of life

Suck UK

As a website, Suck UK is great at creating tongue-in-cheek product descriptions so there were a lot to choose from. This one, advertising a colour changing umbrella sums up the product before asking, and then answering a question with a funny response. 


Cubitts is a very design-led glasses retailer that will send out glasses frames for you to try on at home for free before you buy. Because of this, their product descriptions have to be very specific. They are great at focusing on the customer by describing exactly the kind of face shape each pair of glasses will suit. Additional details such as the sizing, thickness and exact measurements of each frame further build the trust of the customer.

Matches Fashion

By including a quote from the supermodel, Kate Moss, saying how she endorses this fashion label in the very first sentence, this product description immediately certifies the sartorial credentials of the dress in the product description. It then goes on to describe the dress in further detail before suggesting how it could be worn. With a product description like this, it’s no wonder this dress is sold out!