5 Reasons To Implement CRO In Your Business

Nivo Digital

25 June 2020

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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) will become your right hand man when it comes to increasing the standard of your website and the visitors’ impact on it.

Not only will it have a huge positive impact on your website and on your business but CRO also offers a range of benefits you won’t want to miss out on!

CRO increases the amount of visitors who complete a task on your website by giving you the knowledge on how to improve their user experience.

It basically tells you everything you need to know by using analytics and evidence to show you what needs improving on your website in order to raise it to a higher standard and overall, increasing the amount of visitors who complete tasks.

1. Decisions based on data

CRO allows you to make better, more informed decisions about your website.

This is because CRO will show you specific elements that need to change in order to increase the overall conversion rate and will back up the data shown with evidence.

By using CRO, you will feel more confident when making changes. This removes any unwanted stress and worries about making changes that could decrease the traffic on your website.

You will be able to see the positive impact CRO has on your website through results shown in the form of data once the changes have been completed!

2. Improves User Experience (UX)

Using CRO means that you are able to analyse how your pages perform on your website, giving you the confidence to act when pages are not performing as well as you hope.

This allows you to see what pages are performing well and which ones need to be changed, giving you the confidence to act on those changes.

You will be able to make tactical decisions and changes to improve customer experience, making sure the website runs smoothly, is easy to use and informative.

Better customer experience leads to more traffic on your website as people share their positive experience with your company with their friends.

3. Harder working website

CRO focuses on the customer and their experience as they use your website to find out the information they are seeking.

Using CRO, you will have a website bringing in a substantial amount of recurring, relevant traffic and most importantly, traffic that buys from your company.

A simple website, with pages that have been changed, using data from CRO to maximise the conversion rate will be supporting a range of customers all interested in what your company has to offer.

4. Generates more sales/enquiries

CRO helps companies get better visibility online, this increases traffic to your website, which CRO then turns into quality traffic.

By having quality traffic, visitors become more valuable as they will want to know more about your company, if you would be able to adhere to their needs, ultimately leading to a purchase.

A high conversion rate leads to higher profits and CRO allows you to make direct decisions and changes that will increase your conversion rate and increase your profits over time in the process.

5. Leads to better results

These benefits that CRO generates for your business all lead to better results.

Relevant changes to your website that are supported by CRO data and evidence will give customers a positive experience with your company and lead to good reviews and recommendations. This will create more quality traffic, giving you a high conversion rate and therefore a rise in revenue.

CRO will help your company receive better visibility and awareness.

You will feel more confident in the campaigns you produce using the analytics from CRO to tell you if your business is on the route to success!

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