5 Benefits Of Refreshing Your Existing Website

Nivo Digital

29 June 2020

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Is your website old and tired? 

It’s easy to feel frustrated when looking at an old website and wondering what you can do with it and if you should give up and build a new one. 

But, building a brand new website might not be necessary.

Refreshing your website is something that you can do to ensure your presence in the modern marketing industry remains strong and having a newer looking website can hold a range of benefits. 

Greater visual appeal

Your website is the most important way a customer can interact with your business.

 How your website looks and feels is a direct reflection on how the customer will assume your business works. Therefore a clean, simple and refreshing look can entice more customers onto your website. 

Refreshing your website means that the content will be relevant, useful and up-to-date, making your customers stay interested and trust that you are the experts

Stronger content

Refreshing your website can allow you to read over and check your content. While doing this you will be able to see how your current content communicates to the target audience of your website and relevant changes you can make will become clear. 

The content will be easier for the customer to read, and will help them to quickly access the information they are seeking. Interesting and informative content will keep the customer from clicking off and instead could lead to them researching further into your company and what you have to offer, creating a sale.

Better SEO

Up-to-date websites often rank higher on search engine optimisation. This is because newer more refreshed websites are seen to have better quality and more relevant content. Meanwhile those that are older often drop as people see them as no longer being relevant. 

For example, a customer is more likely to click on an article from a website posted a year ago, than one from 3 or 4 years ago. Meaning if your website is refreshed and up-to-date you are more likely to attract traffic and customers.

Easy to use

It is extremely important to check how easy your website is to use, and to view it from a customer’s perspective. Think about how fast the website is and whether it is easy to find information. 

Having a refreshed website means it runs quicker, customers are able to find the information they are looking for fast and the website will be simple to use. Up-to-date websites also work better for mobile users, opening up to a bigger market and bringing in more potential leads.

Stronger security

Hacking is becoming more frequent these days. You read it on the news, you see it online and you might have had a personal experience. Hackers are becoming smarter and therefore ensuring your website is up-to-date and secure is very important. 

There is a higher security risk with older, outdated websites as there is more room for security flaws for example, less secure coding and technology. 

Therefore having a refreshed website will mean having stronger security so you don’t need to worry about your online business. 

Overall, it is never a bad idea to refresh your website, it holds a range of benefits and it would have a positive impact on your business and sales.