32 Benefits Of WordPress & It’s Advantages

Nivo Digital

26 January 2023

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You’ve probably heard about WordPress if you’ve been researching how to design your website. WordPress, a free web design platform, has been around since 2003 and has grown to become the most popular blogging and e-commerce software on the market. In this blog, we’re going to look at 32 benefits of WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software that anyone can use to build and publish their own website. It is also called a content management system, or CMS for short. It is currently the most popular publishing platform in the world.

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress has been on the market for two decades now, meaning it has a pretty good understanding of what its customers want. The platform has done a great job at creating and improving its functionalities over the years to make it accessible and easy to use for everyone. So if you’re a beginner, no worries; WordPress has got you covered.

The 32 benefits

1. Easy to install and set up

WordPress is designed so that anyone from beginners to advanced levels can use it. It is very user-friendly, and it all comes down to a simple one-click installation with no coding required. 

2. Easy to use

The platform is straightforward, with an intuitive interface. Depending on the looks and feel you’re going for, adding new pages, blog posts, images, embedding videos, or implementing plugins to customise your website is very straightforward. This helps you save time getting your website up and running.

3. Speed and efficiency

Build a website within a matter of days instead of weeks or months!

If you’re just starting out and would like a simple website to showcase your products or services, you can do it quickly and easily with WordPress. 

Many will argue that there are other platforms out there that offer the same options, but none of them has the same flexibility and endless options for customisation as WordPress. 

The platform has been evolving for years and has improved based on what businesses need to grow their audience online.

4. Manage your website from anywhere on any computer.

WordPress is browser-based, which means you can log in from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

5. WordPress is FREE.

Why? Because it is an open-source software meaning, there are thousands of software engineers out there that are working on it constantly to make the platform better and better. 

The one thing to keep in mind is that you will need to host your WordPress site somewhere. There are two options:

  1. Self-hosted – where it is your responsibility to take care of the hosting costs and maintenance or security, for example, using GoDaddy. 
  2. Managed hosting – where you pay someone else to take care of the hosting and the maintenance and security for you.
6. Hosting made easy

Hosting doesn’t have to be a hassle. What a hosting platform does is help you hold all your content on a web server, so you don’t have to worry about how to house all those files on your computer.

7. Open source

WordPress is an open source content management system. This means its source code is available for modification by anyone. Because of this, different developers can access and make improvements, create new functionalities and streams of plugins, and create better, higher-quality websites.

Thanks to WordPress, our web and graphic designers often work together to create stunning-looking designs to help our clients stand out from their competitors.

8. Support forums

WordPress also has support forums where you can find different frequently asked questions. This is helpful when you’re first starting and don’t know your way around your platform. 

Because the platform has created an extensive knowledge base library for its users, chances are before reaching out to the community, you might find the solution from someone else who has a similar question. This makes troubleshooting so much easier, faster and more convenient.

9. Intuitive interface

The backend of the platform is very intuitive. It contains easy-to-read labels, easy-to-use navigation, and easy-to-follow designs allowing anyone to get started with the fundamentals of building a website. 

After a few practices, even the most novice beginner can start creating their website with confidence for the first time.

10. Easy integration with APIs

Different social media networks offer APIs ( Application Programming Interfaces ), which allow the integration of 3rd party services with user websites. Amongst the many benefits of WordPress, the platform makes it simple to integrate thousands of different APIs. Hence giving you the option to integrate outside resources into your website.

11. Integrate with almost any service or application.

Out of the number of users that use a CMS, about 65% use WordPress. Having a popular platform means that integration with other services or applications is more accessible with other platforms. 

This means you can take full advantage and turn your website into a profitable hub for your business online. 

For instance, you can integrate MailChimp for email marketing, embed contact forms, or connect your online store to your Facebook business page and Instagram. 

Using WordPress correctly alongside your marketing efforts will be a vital tool and an integral part of how you will grow your business online.

12. No HTML Editing or FTP Software Require

WordPress is a self-contained system that does not require HTML editing. This makes it easy for anyone wishing to edit, update, and build their website by adding new content or features without needing additional HTML or FTP software.

13. Search engines love WordPress sites

When designing a website, it is important to remember that the final design needs to be well-optimised for SERP. Luckily, one of the many benefits of WordPress is that it contains very clean and simple codes. This makes it easy for search engines like Google to crawl and index a site’s content. 

In addition, each page or blog post can have its own SEO title, meta description, focus keywords, and alt text. 

Implementing SEO fundamentals alongside your web design will help with getting the right audience to your site.

14.You’re in control of your website

Most businesses would like to do as much as they can themselves when first starting due to budget limitations. If you have a business selling products or services, the best way to start growing your customer base is via a website. 

WordPress allows you to start with a simple website to showcase your product and services. 

This brings us to benefit 15.

15. You can customise your website to suit your brand

You’re in control of the look and feel of your website. As you increase your brand awareness, business, and audience, you might want to customise your website to match your business growth. 

The platform gives you the freedom to customise your own website resulting in a web design that is on-brand and unique to your business.

16. A huge range of themes to get you started

The beauty of WordPress is that you are able to choose from thousands of different themes or different template layouts that can help you determine the look and style of your website. The themes allow you to tweak all the text, typography, and font sizes, introduce your brand colour theme, add different buttons and images, and so much more. 

You can choose from a variety of thousands of plugins and widgets to help optimise the functionality of your website. This is perfect for businesses that might be looking to open an online store or gallery. The opportunities are endless!

17. Lower maintenance cost

Because the platform is easier to use, manage, and free to download, it tends to have a lower setup and maintenance cost. This is not to say that all sites built on WordPress are cheap. The cost will be based on your business goals and needs at the same time, your budget. 

The main thing to note is that there are no initial or ongoing licensing fees for WordPress itself.

18. Built-in blog options

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform. It has blogging capabilities that are built-in and very easy to integrate. As part of different marketing strategies, implementing different sales funnels within your blogs is very simple with WordPress. 

The platform allows you to set up RSS/email subscriptions to your blogs, allows your readers to comment, and provides a nice layout showcasing your blogs. All of these are easy to set, which adds to the many benefits of WordPress for its users.

19. It supports several media types

Whether you have text content, infographics, a gallery of images, videos, slides, or white papers etc. WordPress is able to support and display all of them. 

In addition, if you’re working with a web developer, you can also create custom post types to display your content. This will allow you to offer more value to customers and, at the same time, create a unique user experience. 

20. WordPress is safe and secure

The platform is designed with security in mind, which makes it safe and secure to use. WordPress contains different plugins to help protect your website against common threats like malware.

21. Adding content is fast and simple

Not a coder? No problem. 

You can easily add your content in WordPress and build it up as your business grows. Depending on your business type, whether you’re an e-commerce store, a B2B business, or a blogger, WordPress gives you the ability and tools needed to build your website based on your business type. 

You can create different pages and blog posts and add products with one mouse click.

22. Customise your website even further with plugins

You can extend the functionality of your website by adding different plugins. This can be an event calendar, video gallery, chat box, social media feed, and more.

23. Grow your website

As we’ve mentioned previously, as your business grows, you might want to update and edit your website to tailor your growing audience. The platform permits its user to add more pages, blog posts, SEO-friendly tools, and analytic tools to monitor your website’s performance and CRO ( conversion rate optimisation).

All of these are essential marketing tools that give you essential data and metrics to stay on top of your marketing objectives.

24. Structure

If you ask any web designer or SEO experts what one of the most important parts of your web design is, they will most likely answer the structure. A good design, customer journey, easy-to-use sales funnel, and high-performing UX ( user experience ) will help your website load faster, increase user retention, and increase conversion rate. 

WordPress allows you to create XML sitemaps, which helps inform Google where your website pages are and which content is worth crawling hence boosting your SEO.

25. Updating your website is easy

Once you’ve got the hang of the functionality of your site, updating and maintaining your website is super easy. Many platforms require a phone call when you want to update or edit a feature. This can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. 

This is not the case with WordPress. Once you’ve logged into the back end of your WordPress site, you will see notifications showing you what might need updating. It is then just a case of clicking update.

Caution. Whilst it is that easy to update a plugin or any other functionality, there are times that this is not advisable. We always recommend checking what the WordPress community says about certain updates before proceeding. This ensures that any changes made don’t negatively affect your site.

26. Flexibility

You have the options to choose between 22,000+ plugins, thousands of themes and templates to experiment with or give your website a new look. This is especially important in today’s marketing, as keeping up and adapting to new trends of what works and what doesn’t will make or break your marketing efforts online. 

For example, we use the Yoast plugin for SEO, which helps us understand how well-thought-out or intuitive our SEO effort is. 

Or perhaps you’re doing Facebook marketing or Google Ads; implementing either Facebook pixel or Google Analytics into your website will help you understand how productive your marketing efforts are progressing.

27. A community ready to help

There are millions, and yes, we did say millions of knowledgeable users who are ready to help you solve any problems or answer any questions. That is one of the many reasons why WordPress is used roughly by one-third of all websites on the internet. 

This is also one of the reasons why if you decide to go with a web design agency to create your website, you should invest in one that specialises in WordPress. 

The reason is if any previous designers have built your website not to your satisfaction finding another agency that specialises in the platform is much easier and will yield a better outcome.

28. Sharing ability

With social media marketing taking over as the lead in digital marketing, it is important to ensure that the content from your website can easily be shared. This includes sharing products, blogs, or case studies. 

Adding different widgets for social media, plug-ins, APIs, and any other tools you need to connect to your social media platforms gives your audience or marketers the ability to share your content easily.

29. Have Multiple Users

Any administrator of a WordPress website can give access to multiple users and set the access levels and capabilities of each user. This allows the workflow to be faster and more efficient.

30. Stable and innovative

Similar to any other digital product, WordPress ensures that it stays up-to-date with the latest technology as well as the latest marketing strategy and user needs. 

The purpose and function of a website constantly change to satisfy users’ demands and trends. Thankfully, platforms like WordPress are up to the task. Regular updates mean that CMS stays relevant, solutions are provided faster, and new features and functionalities are added regularly.

31. Mobile responsive

Designing a website that is both mobile-friendly and responsive has never been easier with WordPress. Depending on what type of drag-and-drop web design options you’re using, these web builder tools give you the ability to create a website that is mobile responsive.

It is so important nowadays, with most internet users accessing online content via their mobile devices, that your website is a mobile-first design.

32. Offers great e-commerce solutions

The main e-commerce solution on WordPress is Woocomerce, alongside others such as WPeasy cart. Such e-commerce options provide solutions to anyone, both small and large online merchants using WordPress. 

Like Woocommerce, the base product is free, and you can pay for the different add-ons and premium features. 

The integrated e-commerce platforms allow you to customise your e-commerce store, such as adding an online shopping cart and any other features your digital shop needs.

If you have any questions or you’re looking for a web design agency, get in touch, and one of our team members will get back to you.