10 Tips for In-house marketers in 2021

Nivo Digital

18 February 2021

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Are you currently creating a marketing strategy for 2021? Make sure you and your in-house marketing team know exactly where to focus your efforts over the next 12 months to get the most success for your business.

In this article we’re going to go through some key areas in which we believe you’ll want to invest time and resources to see a good return on investment for your marketing. Read on for our 10 tips for in-house marketers in 2021.

1. Focus on user experience at every stage

User experience isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact. It will be prioritised even more highly going into 2021 and beyond. UX isn’t just a design buzzword to draw focus on your audience – now UX will be a central ranking factor for search algorithms. Your website visitors expect speed, ease and convenience, and it’s crucial for SEO as search engines expect that too.

For marketers and developers, you need to ensure you have a quick site which is easy to find, use and navigate and you absolutely must make sure it works for every device.

2. Semantic search & Search Intent

Another SEO based tip. In 2021, we’re going to be thinking more about how people search – not just what they’re searching for. Search engines will determine the context, intent and meaning searches in order to deliver the most relevant results possible.

The plan here is that all those incomplete, grammatically incorrect and incoherent search terms we enter all-too-often will yield results that we were looking for. Think also voice assistants and the nature of running a search with Alexa or Siri. The nature of these searches are vastly different to the keywords usually seen in search engines.

Search is becoming much more conversational. Using machine learning to decipher the intent of even the most chaotic search. This is another way in which SEO will be continuing the trend of voice search focus.

For marketers who optimise for the intent behind popular search terms, there is the potential of a significant lift in organic search rankings.

3. Focus on local with Google My Business.

More than 1 billions people use Google Maps every month, more than 5 millions apps and websites using google maps every week. The demand for local search is high.

For marketers: Local search needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy for 2021. Ensure your GMB is up to date and has as much info on it as possible. Update your business hours, encourage reviews, add location managers to your listing, publish FAQs, add photos, share weekly posts, events and specials.

4. Boost efficiency with automation and AI

The PPC opportunities created by AI and automation are many. The very least your in-house marketing team needs to be doing is automating the most time-consuming elements of your PPC. Bids, rule engines and ad scripts are not the best use of your team’s time. Leave your in-house experts free for strategy and big picture planning.

Responsive search ads being the default means that your team’s focus will be more on ad content – whilst Google’s AI optimises your headlines, ad copy and CTA based on audience and search terms.

5. Optimise for conversions!

When we talk about conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we mean, getting people to your website, and coaxing those visits into outcomes that are valuable for your business. A ‘conversion’ will be one of a range of predetermined actions a visitor takes on your website. It might be a direct purchase, a form fill to download PDF or similar.

In 2021 your in-house marketing team will need to consider how people are getting to your website and what they’re doing once they’re there.

Consider the various steps along their journey from visit to conversion, as an in-house marketer you need to ensure that every single stage along that journey is optimised for to help people cross the finish line.

Consider mobile optimisation and speed – ‘Mobile sites that loaded in two seconds or less had a 15% higher conversion rate than the average mobile site.’

Invest in personalisation – Show your visitors tailored content specifically for them. ‘90% of leading marketers say personalization significantly contributes to business profitability.’

6. Don’t neglect social media marketing

2020 saw some monumental changes in social media. Mainly, Facebook and Instagram usage is way up. You can probably chalk that up to the impact of local and national lockdowns and people needing new ways to communicate and fill their time. Daily Facebook traffic rose by 27%.

For you, as a marketer, you will be required to be as transparent as possible. As the ‘cancel culture’ we’re all so familiar with shows no sign of stopping, it will be your job to ensure your business’s social media presence is ahead of any potential problems.

7. Specialise in paid social ads

Facebook and Instagram usage is way up, so the pressure will be on marketers to be making the most of paid ads during this glut. For In-house marketing teams globally, this will put focus on you to optimise your ads and get as many of these new Facebook users into the marketing funnel for your product.

The opportunities for Instagram ads are moving from strength to strength. The platform now offers a hugely versatile range of ad – stories, images, videos, carousels, reels, Instagram shopping and more. Your paid ads team need to be harnessing the power of Instagram in 2021.

Depending on your target market, the power of LinkedIn ads might be perfect for your business. One of the most expensive social ads platforms, but also one with one of the most powerful targeting potential.

8. Get up to speed with making videos

Video marketing continues to dominate. If you’re not creating, uploading and optimising video content then your business is missing a huge number of opportunities.

People so often forget this, but Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine. So you want to be promoting your brand on there. A top tip for any in-house marketing team – get to grips with making, editing and promoting video content for all occasions.

9. Email marketing

As the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic become more clear, many businesses across the globe will be reaching for the most cost effective marketing channels. As marketers you will need to keep your finger on the pulse of what will be the best ROI for your business.

Email marketing allows you to nurture your business’s prospects through a long decision-making process without the same kind of budgetary commitment of say, paid social.

Email marketing can be cheap. It hinges largely on quality, perfectly tailored content.

10. Get outsider help

Marketing is in constant flux. Once sure-fire channels and techniques can change immeasurably overnight, and brand new avenues can spring up out of nowhere and you’ll be expected to know them inside out.

To run an entire marketing campaign takes so many different skill sets and disciplines, even an in-house team can benefit from some external expertise. With Hoo, we have an expert team of digital marketing experts who work with in-house marketers and business owners to help you make the most money from your website.