The Nivo Story

With a head office in Bristol UK, Nivo Digital is a website design and digital marketing agency driven with a business development engine. Since its humble beginnings, with just a handful of clients, Nivo has grown from strength to strength fuelled mainly by referrals. We now support over 70 UK and international businesses.

Other digital marketing and design agencies also trust us to deliver multi-channel marketing support in a white-labelled PPC agency offering.

Every step of our rigorous process reinforces each client’s uniqueness and uses their strengths to enhance their online presence and boost their success.


Our Founding

Colin Harrison, the founder of Nivo Digital, is a 360-degree T-Shaped marketer, who enjoys working across marketing channels. And he knows what it takes to make a business work.


He lead the charge in the early days of UX focused websites and grew with PPC and SEO as they increased their dominance in our digital world. Using a powerful combination of business theory learned on his BSc (Hons) Business Development degree and decades of hands-on business management, he has managed award-winning multi-site customer-focused enterprises and has owned online shops, an agency in Brighton and even his own restaurant.

Our Beliefs/Mantras/Quotes

Our Mission

Nivo Digital is lean, flexible and super efficient, radically supporting each client to achieve disruptive online success. 

We know website success is all about customer experience and seamless customer journeys that lead to the sale of a product or service.

Our aim at Nivo Digital is to help website owners make more money from their websites and to provide a clear understanding of how we achieve that.

We provide full digital marketing services that deliver enormous success online. Take your website to the next level! Get in touch and let’s talk growth.