The Nivo Story

With a head office in Bristol UK, Nivo Digital is a website design and digital marketing agency driven with a business development engine. Formed in August 2017, starting with just a handful of clients Nivo has grown from strength to strength fuelled mainly by referrals and now support over 70 UK and International businesses.

We are also trusted by other digital marketing and design Agencies to deliver multichannel marketing support in a white-labelled PPC agency offering.

Every step of our newly developed processes are dedicated to reinforcing what’s unique about our clients businesses, using their strengths to enhance their online presence and bring them heightened levels of success.


Our Founding

Colin Harrison, our founder of Nivo Digital is a 360-degree “T-Shaped” marketer who enjoys working across the range of marketing channels.

He’s been creating UX focused websites since 2008, started with PPC and SEO in 2009 among perfecting many other skills.

His biggest strength is the combination of the business theory learned during his BSc (Hons) Business Development degree and hands-on business management experience over the past 20 years. 

He has managed multisite customer-focused enterprises (award-winning) and have owned online shops, an agency in Brighton and even his own restaurant. He knows what it takes to make a business work.

Our Beliefs/Mantras/Quotes

Our Beliefs/Mantras

Our Mission

Nivo Digital is geared up for an ad future where clients go to market in new ways and seek radically improved support to achieve greater online success. We need to adapt to these client demands by being lean, flexible and utilising new tech to become more efficient and super effective.

There are many factors that now play an important part in a successful website. It is now all about the customer experience and understanding the steps that lead to a sale of a product or service.

Our aim here at Nivo Digital is to help website owners not only make more money from their websites but to provide a clear understanding how they are achieved.

We provide full digital marketing services for those who want to achieve greater success online. If you are just starting out online or want to take your existing website to the next level, we would love to work with you. Get in touch and let’s talk growth.